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Large hunting shears

Dress and break down game effortlessly

Discover our powerful Original LÖWE POWER CUT hunting shears - the unparalleled hunters’ tool for field dressing and breaking down game effortlessly. These large hunting shears make it easier than ever to break down game by cutting instead of sawing.

Original LÖWE POWER CUT hunting shears have a unique design. They are hybrid shears combining high cutting capacity with optimised cutting geometry. This makes them powerful enough to handle any situation in the field. Whether you are clearing obstructions from hides and shooting lines or breaking down game - our large hunting shears are a reliable companion.

The non-stick coating protects the shears against corrosion and makes them easier to clean. You’ll be thankful for the smooth surface when it comes to cleaning the shears after use.

Immerse yourself in the world of Original LÖWE and find your perfect large hunting shears. Order today and enjoy the benefits of Original LÖWE hunting shears on your next hunt.

 Breaking down a 

 POWER CUT hunting shears 

 Effortless and clean 
 break down 

 Powerful cuts 
 even through thicker limbs 
 and boar ribs 

 POWER CUT hunting shears 

 Cutting instead of sawing; 
 leaves no splinters 

 Small hunting shears 

 The ideal helper for any hunter 

Photo credits:
Photo 1 "A deer in the Scottish Highlands": Image from vecstock on Freepik
Photo 2 "Mysterious afternoon in the misty forest": Image from wirestock on Freepik