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Bypass pruner with precision-cutting head

Original LÖWE bypass pruners with precision-cutting head

For clean and precise cuts

Our Original LÖWE pruners in the PRECISION series are bypass pruners with a precision-cutting head. Engineered for maximum precision, the cutting head consists of a blade and counter blade with fully optimised cutting geometry to ensure a clean, accurate and effortless cut.

A particularly advanced thermal treatment makes the Original LÖWE bypass blades extremely hard, sharp and durable. The outstanding strength of the cutting edges keeps the blades sharp for a very long time before they need resharpening, even when used in tough applications. 

Premium materials and optimised geometry keep the PRECISION models pleasantly lightweight. 

A shock absorber and flex handle mechanisms soften the cutting impact very effectively and ease the strain on your wrist.

Clean cut

No other bypass pruner can match our Original LÖWE 11 for sheer precision.

Clean Cut small

A smaller precision-cutting head than Original LÖWE 11 that cuts just as precisely and cleanly.

Original LÖWE loppers

Clean Cut - Loppers

Bypass loppers with slim precision-cutting head for greater application of force.

Overview of one-hand pruners and loppers