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The right handle for every hand
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Choosing the right cutting tool is crucial for successful use. The huge range of Original LÖWE cutters and pruners guarantees that you will find the right tool for any application. Balance and impeccable operation are equally as important as functionality to ensuring the perfect transmission of power.

Find out more about the different handle styles and customisation options for our cutters/pruners on this page.

Wide selection of handle styles

Every cutter and pruner model has two or even three different handle styles to suit different hand sizes and applications. These variants can be recognised by the last two digits of the article numbers, for example 04, 07 or 09.

The lower handle differs depending on the variant. This ensures that the cutter/pruner sits well in the hand and let you work comfortably.

Continuous handle width adjustment

Some models also have a continuously adjustable handle width, a function that allows you to adjust the cutter/pruner precisely to your own hand size. This level of customisation turns the cutter/pruner into your very own personal tool.

To summarise:

Our extensive range of Original LÖWE cutters and pruners contains a selection of high-quality cutting tools that are both functional and ergonomic. The different handle styles and continuously adjustable handle width options mean you can customise your cutters/pruners perfectly to your needs. You can choose the ideal model to make your work both comfortable and efficient.

The reliable quality and versatility of Original LÖWE cutters and pruners will make your daily work a more pleasant experience.

Handle style – 04

Standard handle

The slight outward curve of the lower handle is naturally ergonomic and follows the curvature of the hand and fingers.

For example: Original LÖWE 1.104

Handle style – 07

Inwardly curved handle

This handle style has inwardly curved lower handle. In this handle style, the pruner handles open slightly less wide.

For example: Original LÖWE 1.107

Handle style – 09

Rotating handle

The rotating handle eliminates friction between the fingers and the pruner handle and so prevents pressure points and irritation of the skin. It also transmits power more efficiently and reduces the strain on tendons, muscles and joints for fatigue-free cutting in tasks requiring a high number of cuts in quick succession.

For example: Original LÖWE 1.109