LÖWE 10.107

Anvil pruner with curved blades

With handle curved inwards

20,5 cm
30 mm
280 g
foarfece pentru mâna dreaptă și stângă
mâner ergonomic
has ergonomic handle
mâner rotativ
unghiul de deschidere a mânerelor variabil
lamă fixată pe exterior
Ability to winegrowing
Sehr gut
Ability to fruitgrowing
Ability to landscaping
Sehr gut
Ability to nursery
Sehr gut
Ability to forest

Piese de schimb

  • LÖWE 10.107 - Arc 1003

    cu șurub și piuliță
    Nr. art.1003

  • LÖWE 10.107 - Mânere din material plastic 1004/07
    Mânere din material plastic

    1 pereche pentru mărimea 07
    Nr. art.1004/07

  • LÖWE 10.107 - Bolț 1005

    cu piuliță și bucșă
    Nr. art.1005

  • LÖWE 10.107 - Dispozitiv de fixare/blocare 1009
    Dispozitiv de fixare/blocare

    cu plăcuță de înșurubare
    Nr. art.1009

Outstanding cutting capacity and maximum efficiency

We combined the advantages of anvil technology and bypass geometry into a new-to-market pruning shear – our novel LOWE 10. This innovative model is the perfect solution for utmost requirements due to its durable, robust construction, slim, and tapered design, making it a perfect cutting tool for olive and fruit tree pruning, as well as dry or hard wood. Due to its innovative design, the cutting capacity has been extended up to 30 mm, which also optimizes its power transmission. With its off-center positioned blade, LOWE 10 enables pruning closer to the stem.

More information about LOWE 10 you'll findhere.