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For more clarity, we have grouped our pruners into model series with basic properties and according to application needs. Read here how to find and recognize the right pruner in the future.



Holster and Blade Guards

Now available for Original LÖWE pruning shears

Holster and Blade Guards



Together with Philipp Bree we developed a complete original LÖWE novelty.

Philipp Bree /PB 0110 comments:
„We get many requests to develop a leather cover for this or that product. We turn most of them down, as often our craft and the process are underestimated. But one request from Original LÖWE was different.

At a first meeting, the owner Randolph Schröder showed me around the production halls, explained the processes, quality differences as well as challenges. It was fascinating to feel his passion and precision for their own products - the beginning of a wonderful cooperation. We discussed every detail, tried things out and improved - until in the end unique leather products were created that are worth the Original LÖWE pruning shears.“



  • 100% genuine leather from Germany
  • 100% made and sourced from Germany
  • Premium quality
  • With belt clip and/or belt loops for direct attachment to the belt
  • Protects against injury when worn on the body
  • Protects the pruning shears from accidental damage
  • Soft leather, adapts to the head of the shears

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The NEW Fastener

For more safety in handling our Original LÖWE shears

The NEW Fastener



The wear of the blade and base of anvil shears can be compensated by means of the eventually emerging lose can be adjusted by the locking screw, so that the shears are always 100% closed when locked.



  • Simplified change of the fastener because the bolt screw is screwed directly into the shear‘s lever.
  • Due to the plastic spring bushing, the force required for opening and closing is always constant - independent of external influencing factors.
  • Double concave ergonomic shape: Recessed grip for thumb (right-handed operation) or index finger (left-handed operation) when opening and closing. This keeps the finger in a recess and prevents it from slipping off.
  • Arrows on the top indicate the opening and closing direction.
  • For Original LÖWE shears 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 the black clamping plate (1.009) is omitted.
  • For Original LÖWE shears 6, 7, 8, 9 the lock nut with spring washer (6.009) is omitted.


Replacement also for the conventional models

1.009 (Fastener for Original LÖWE 1,2,3,4,5,10) The new fastener can be screwed into all former models. The thread of the locking screw is self-tapping. The locking screw cuts itself a thread in the shear‘s lever. This requires a PZ 2 screwdriver (Pozidrive 2) with a good grip and some force.

6.009 (Fastener for Original LÖWE 6,7,8,9) The new fastener cannot be screwed into the former models, because due to the hardness of the knife lever no thread can be created here afterwards. For this reason, 6.009 will in future contain both the old and the new fastener including the bolt screws, washer, nut and plastic spring bushing, to allow your choice.

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The NEW Original LÖWE sharpener

Available now!




Constantly improving our products is our personal drive! Thanks to its sharp cutting edge, the new sharpener achieves a better sharpening performance and off ers every user more security in handling!

Sharpening Original LÖWE shears can restore the original sharpness level due to the completely new developed blade sharpener.



Thanks to its precision carbide inlay, the new sharpener achieves the maximum sharpening performance and sharpens blades better than any other sharpener. The edge radius at the cutting edge of the carbide inlay is the smallest existing. The smaller the edge radius, the better the sharpening performance.

A slim and pointed head ensures optimal access to the cutting edge of blades, including particularly narrow and diffi cult to reach areas.

Another new feature is the ergonomic handle made of lightweight and glass fi ber reinforced plastic for more control. Owed to the ergonomic shape of the handle our Original LÖWE sharpener fi ts particularly comfortable in the hand and provides more security in use. In addition, the sharpener is suitable for both left and right-handers.

A slip protection and a recessed grip for fi ngers and thumbs signifi cantly minimize the risk of an injury while sharpening. Thus, we are directly increasing occupational safety on the tool.

The Original LÖWE blade sharpener is guaranteed to be of the highest quality, 100% Made in Germany!



  • Carbide inlay with sharp cutting edge for best sharpening performance
  • slim and pointed head for optimal access in narrow spaces
  • ergonomic handle shape for more control
  • special slip protection for more safety when sharpening
  • a recessed grip for a secure hold when sharpening
  • 100% Made in Germany
  • can also be used for other cutting tools

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